1. On this site you can place your orders, some products have sales restrictions only for doctors, since some are of specific or delicate use.
  2. Some countries have tariff restrictions for which they can be retained by the local customs, please consult us before placing your order.
  3. The Return Policy applies only as provided by the Law of Commercial Companies, which can be validated every time the product in question returns to the place of purchase at the customer's risk and account, in its original packaging without having been opened or violated, accompanied by a letter in which the reason for return is manifested, and not more than 30 days have passed since its acquisition.
  4. The products and specifications announced here are the responsibility of their manufacturers and / or brands, Medi-Estetix is ​​only a Portal which brings together various brands and / or laboratories to assist in the process of knowledge and promotion of them.
  6. BANK DEPOSIT: To account 0161591533 BBVA Bancomer in the name of Mario Ramírez.
  7. Subsequently, the customer must notify the payment made by sending the deposit slip or electronic transfer via email with the image of the bank receipt, indicating the following customer information in the content of the e-mail:
  • Full name
  • Address (street or avenue, external and internal number, colony, delegation or municipality, federal entity)
  • Telephone (including LADA key), and
  • The products for which the deposit or bank transfer has been covered.
  1. Once agreed the total amount of your purchase and shipment, verifying that all your payments have been duly made, before 13:00 hrs. (GMT - 06:00) Central Time (United States and Canada) we will contact you to indicate the guide number of our DHL courier company and the approximate delivery time of your order.
  2. If you require express service please check with DHL if your city has that service and if so, specify it at the time of placing your order.
  3. The shipping cost is not included in the price of the items, and will depend on the volume and destination of your order.
  4. Orders are only and exclusively sent by DHL. Orders placed that are confirmed and paid before 13:00 hrs (GMT - 06:00) Central Time (United States and Canada) will be processed for shipment the same day, confirmed after this time will leave the next working day .

Any legal and legal procedure will be remitted to the authorities of the City of Mexico, excluding another jurisdiction and origin.