DNAge Lab Pharma, Inc. delivers through a: placenta stem cells named REGENERATE, vital placenta nutrients, proteins and the placenta itself,  intended for organ repairing and engineering. We are focusing this as auxiliar or complement in IMMUNE SYSTEM disease. This innovative, proprietary does not need FDA approval and is performed in a physician's office. The placenta , in the past had influenced positively among others, major symptoms of Age, namely depression, memory loss, impaired immune system, and anemia.

Originally developed in the USSR by The Filatov Institute in Odessa, this technique has been updated to the new stem cell knowledge acquired in the last 10+ years.

The Filatov technique uses placenta implant only, discarding stem cell rich blood imbedded in it, while researchers in the world are using blood rich stem cells but discarding placenta. Regenerate's product has everything a placenta contains including vital nutrients and the stem cells capable of building practically every cell, tissue and organ of the body.

Treatable Conditions