Cellorgane Multicomplex 3G Mujer (injectable)

  • Model: 1 vial de 10 ml/750 mg
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Biocell Ultravital


Cellorgane Multicomplex (Cellular Therapy)



This exclusive product from Biocell Ultravital™ resumes a scientific effort comleted after decades of clinical research and studies.  Cellorgane Multicomplex covers with extreme efficacy cell treatments made specifically for men and for women.  Cellorgane Multicomplex is available in oral complex and also in injectable complex to normalise organ function, improve physical wear and boost energy levels. Cellorgane Multicomplex comes in specific formulas for men and for women.

  • Superior response in organ renewal. Stimulates, regulates and improves function immediately and progressively.
  • Cellorgane Multicomplex Differential Therapy for Men. Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women.
  • No side effects.
  • No interaction with other medications.
  • Maximum therapeutic safety and effectiveness: natural biological products.
  • Tested and proven tolerance.
  • Deep therapeutic action for organ renewal.
  • Treatment for functional asthenia, myalgia, neurocirculatory problems, as well as metabolic, respiratory and neurohormonal disorders; improves sexual performance and memory. 
  • Dosing flexibility: injectable (500 mg) and oral (250 mg) formulas.
  • Cellorgane Multicomplex for Men: Male disorders, loss of libido, stress and asthenia.
  • Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women: Pre- and post-menopausal disorders, loss of libido, stress and asthenia

In what therapeutic areas does Cellorgane Multicomplex act?

Cellorgane Multicomplex acts in cases of:
           *Anti-ageing Treatments
           *Diminished Sex Drive
           *Imbalance in Hormone Levels
           *Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Women)
           *Premature Menopause (Women)
           *Chronic Fatigue
           *Andropause (Men)

What should one do when one feels affected by one of those symptoms?
See the doctor right away so that the same can conduct clinical tests and exams in order to evaluate your state of health.

What can be expected from those treatments and what benefits are obtained?
Being a biotreatment, Cellorgane Multicomplex will exert a sustained revitalising action on all organs. Unlike systemic therapies, the therapeutic objective of Cellorgane Multicomplex is the total biological normalisation of the body, and this is precisely how it acts:
          *Retards the ageing process
          *Increases sexual potency
          *Controls stress
          *Balances hormone levels
          *Gradually makes cysts disappear
          *Normalises menstrual periods
          *Increases energy
          *Improves vitality and general health

What does Cellorgane Multicomplex contain?
Both Cellorgane Multicomplex for Men and Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women contain ultra-filtered and hydrolised components of all organs, plus their peptides and enzymes. The only difference between the two is that Cellorgane Multicomplex for Men contains male sex organs and glands, whilst Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women contains female sex organs and glands. 


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